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Post-Launch Checklist

We are live! We want to thank you for your patience during our upgrade.

At this time, we’d encourage you to take a few minutes and become familiar with the new Online Banking and verify your information:

  1. Login to the new Online Banking.
    When you log in for the first time after the upgrade, we’ll verify your identity and you will be asked to reset your password. If you had multiple usernames prior to the upgrade, you will now only use the one associated with the lowest member number and you will see all of your accounts. View the video tutorial!
  2. Review your accounts within the new Online Banking.
    If you had multiple member numbers, your accounts will now be consolidated under one member number and should all be visible within your new Online Banking. View the video tutorial about accounts!
  3. Review your transfers within the new Online Banking.
    All of your payees’, scheduled payments, and transfers will still be intact. If you see any discrepancies in the new system, please reach out to our Support Center. View the video tutorial about transfers!
  4. Set up notifications within the new Online Banking.
    The account notifications you created in the old system have not been kept after the upgrade. But the good news is that the alert functionality in the new system is much more robust and easy to use. Once you login for the first time, just click on the arrow in the upper right, select “Settings” and choose the “Notifications” tab.
  5. Download the new Mobile App.
    If you are an iOS user, you will receive an app update notification and can install the update by simply going through your standard App Store update process. If you are an Android user, you will first need to delete the current HUECU app and visit your App Store to download the new HUECU App.
  6. Make sure your browser is up to date.
    As with any update, it is important to mention that some features may not be supported on older browsers. No versions of Internet Explorer are supported by the new system. View the list of supported browsers.
  7. Take advantage of our user resources.
    We’ve created several videos all about the new Online Banking. Check them out! We’ll also be conducting live webinars to go through our new system and will answers any questions you may have. Register today (and be entered into the raffle)!
  8. Contact us.
    Reach out directly to our Support Center for help at 617-495-4460 or huecu@harvard.edu.