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Will statements be changing?

For the most part, your statements will look the same with the following exceptions:

  • If you currently have multiple memberships which receive separate statements, this will be combined under a single member number and therefore will appear on one statement.
  • Because of the way product names and account nicknames were handled in the old system, the account names may appear a little different; however these can be easily edited after the upgrade, either by you in Online Banking or by an HUECU representative.
  • You will still receive a separate Mortgage statement, but these will finally be updated to the more user-friendly format of the member statements. And if you are enrolled in eStatements for your Member statements, your Mortgage statements will also be sent electronically. (Yay Trees!)
  • November statements will be broken into two parts! It is necessary that we send a November statement for all activity before the upgrade and then send a second statement at month end for all activity during and after the upgrade.
  • Credit Card Statements and Student Loan statements will remain separate and are not changing.