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Get answers to the most common questions about the upgrade.

FAQ Topics:

About the Upgrade

Banking technology has changed a lot in recent years. The new system will allow us to quickly develop and deploy new features, and provide the type of seamless digital experience our members expect.

Absolutely! Data security is a top priority for HUECU and we have thoroughly vetted and tested our upgraded systems. Your financial data is safe and sound!

We have been thoroughly testing the new system for many months, and our staff has completed extensive training. As with any new system, there will be an adjustment period, but we are confident we have taken all steps to minimize the impact to members.

Upgrade Weekend

The upgrade will take place during the Veterans Day weekend in November (the upgrade will begin at 4:00pm on Friday, November 8 and we will reopen at 9:00am on Tuesday, November 12). During this time, HUECU’s branches and Support Center will be closed. Other services will be limited or unavailable, including Online and Mobile Banking which will be inaccessible for the duration of the upgrade.

Though it seems like a lot, this timeframe is typical for an upgrade of this magnitude. We’re taking the time to ensure our system is running properly before it is made available, which requires extensive testing by our staff. Our teams will be working diligently throughout the weekend to make this happen.

Our upgrade guide has a wealth of information about how to prepare for the upgrade. You can also use our launch checklist to make sure you’ve taken all necessary steps.

No. All HUECU branches will be closed from 4:00pm Friday, November 8 until 9:00am on Tuesday, November 12.

No. Our Support Center will be closed from 5:00pm Friday, November 8 until 9:00am on Tuesday, November 12.

These will be processed when we reopen on Tuesday, November 12.

There will be NO IMPACT in processing any automated loan payments during or after the upgrade.

Quicken will not be able to access your HUECU account transactions during the upgrade. Though our new system will be compatible with Quicken, you may need to re-establish the connection once the upgraded system is live.

Member Numbers and Account Numbers

If you only have one member number with HUECU, your member number will remain the same. If you have multiple member numbers, your accounts will be consolidated under one member number – the lowest member number you have will remain. We will now allow only one member number per Social Security Number.

You can find your member number on your monthly statement or within Online Banking (click here for the tutorial video). If you have any trouble locating it, give us a call before Friday, November 8th and we can help.

Though knowing your member number can make certain things quicker and easier, we can always look you up by your name or Social Security Number.

In our current system, all account numbers include the member number (four to nine digits) plus a two-digit suffix, which indicates the type of account. These account numbers will not change when we upgrade. However, going forward new accounts will not include the member number +suffix combination and will instead be assigned a randomly generated number up-to 14 digits. Since your account numbers will not be changed, you will not have to change existing direct deposits, automatic payments/transfers or order new checks. If any special circumstances arise particular to your account, you will receive a separate notification detailing any required update.

You can find your account numbers on your monthly statement. If you have any trouble locating them, give us a call and we can help. In the new Online Banking, you can find your accounts by clicking on the "Accounts" widget in the left side menu. View our video tutorial. You will need to know your member number to enroll in Online Banking.

No. The HUECU routing number will stay the same.

Yes. For your added protection, we may scan your license or other identification the next time you visit a branch. After your identification is scanned, we will be able to identify you faster and prevent unauthorized activity.

Online Banking

As with any major project, we’ll be rolling out some features in the coming weeks. Quicken will be available on November 18. Mint will be available on November 25.

The way you log in to HUECU’s Online Banking and/or Mobile Banking will not change. However, you will need to “Re-Authenticate” in order to get access to the new system. This means you will have to go through the security verification steps and set-up a new password. This can be done through the desktop site or mobile app. Take a look through our helpful tutorial video. Also, for people who currently have multiple member numbers and therefore multiple usernames things will be a little different. You will only keep the username associated with your lowest member number, and all of your accounts will be visible once you login.

Sort of. You will already be “registered,” but when you log in to the new Online Banking for the first time, we’ll need to verify your identity and ask you to reset your password. You can do this from your computer or mobile device. Check out our helpful video tutorial. Once you are in, all of your scheduled activity, linked accounts, etc., should be there.

Your online banking username will remain the same. However, if you have multiple member numbers and therefore multiple usernames in our current system, you will only keep the username associated with your lowest member number. When you login to the new system, all of your accounts will be visible under that one username.

Yes. You will need to reset your Online Banking password.

Yes, Online Banking will have a brand new interface. All of the same functionality will be available, though in many cases you will find cool features that weren’t previously available. And there’s many more exciting features to come with this new platform. That said, we understand that change can be uncomfortable. Maybe you are used to the old navigation and so the new one takes a few seconds longer to get where you are going. We will do everything we can to get you acclimated quickly, and once you get your bearings, we think you’re going to really like the new experience. Feel free to check out our overview video!

This is one of the biggest differences with the new system. Every person gets their own unique username and will see only (and all) of the accounts that they have some role on. If you have multiple memberships where you are the primary owner, all accounts will now appear behind a single username. If you are primary on one membership and joint on another, they will now also appear behind a single username. If you are solely a joint member, you will now have your own member number and username* and will only see those specific accounts where they have a joint role. * Joint members will be provided this information through the mail. If you are on an account with joint members, have the joint member complete the Joint Account Holder Info Update form.

If you’ve forgotten your username, we’ll have to help you reset it. Give us a call at 617-495-4460. Please be aware that if you do this immediately following the upgrade, call volumes will be higher and wait times could be longer.

If you want to reset your password before the upgrade, just use the “forgot password” link below the login boxes and follow the steps provided. After the upgrade, your forgotten password isn’t a problem because you will have to set up a new one anyway when you re-authenticate.

Yes. In the new system you can setup additional users and give them online access to any or all of your accounts. Once you’ve logged in for the first time,  click on your name in the upper right. Select “Settings” and then go to the “Shared Access” tab. Then just follow the simple instructions provided. You can also check out our video tutorial about "Settings".

The account alerts you created in the old system will not be kept after the upgrade. But the good news is that the alert functionality in the new system is much more robust and easy to use. Once you login for the first time, just click on your name in the upper right, select “Settings” and choose the “Alerts” tab. From there creating alerts is intuitive, flexible, and super easy. Check out our video tutorial about notifications.

Mobile Banking & Apps

No. Your Mobile Banking username and Online Banking username are one and the same, and they will not change.

Your password for Mobile Banking and Online Banking is one and the same, but will need to be reset.

If you are an iOS user, you will receive an app update notification and can install the update by simply going through your standard App Store update process. If you are an Android user, you will first need to delete the current HUECU app and visit your App Store to download the new HUECU App.

Yes! You can now register for Online or Mobile Banking directly from your mobile device. New users can also enroll right from the new App. (Easy!)


For the most part, your statements will look the same with the following exceptions:
  • If you currently have multiple memberships which receive separate statements, this will be combined under a single member number and therefore will appear on one statement.
  • Because of the way product names and account nicknames were handled in the old system, the account names may appear a little different; however these can be easily edited after the upgrade, either by you in Online Banking or by an HUECU representative.
  • You will still receive a separate Mortgage statement, but these will finally be updated to the more user-friendly format of the member statements. And if you are enrolled in eStatements for your Member statements, your Mortgage statements will also be sent electronically. (Yay Trees!)
  • November statements will be broken into two parts! It is necessary that we send a November statement for all activity before the upgrade and then send a second statement at month end for all activity during and after the upgrade.
  • Credit Card Statements and Student Loan statements will remain separate and are not changing.

For the most part, eStatements will not change. The exceptions are the same as those for paper statements (see previous question). What will be different is where you find them in Online Banking. Your Member statements and Mortgage statements will now be in the “Documents” section which can be accessed by a tile (or “widget”) on the left side of the new interface. Credit Card eStatements will still remain in the “My Credit Card” section, which will also be accessible from the left side menu.

Debit Cards

Debit and Credit Card numbers are not changing and your cards should continue to work normally.

Your Debit Card PIN will remain the same. You may continue to use your current Debit Card PIN without interruption.

Transfers & Bill Payments

Bill Pay remains pretty much the same within Online Banking. All of your payees’, scheduled payments will still be intact. However, if you have multiple memberships today and are using more than one Bill Pay account, you will need to combine your payees into one Bill Pay account. Then after the upgrade you will be able to use that one Bill Pay account with all of your available checking accounts. We’d be happy to help you with this transition.

Your current payees’, scheduled payments and history will be just as it is today. The only exception would be if you have multiple memberships today and are using more than one Bill Pay account. If you currently have more than one Bill Pay account, you will need to combine your payees into one Bill Pay account. Then after the upgrade you will be able to use that one Bill Pay account with all of your available checking accounts. We’d be happy to help you with this transition.

Any automatic deposits into your account, including Direct Deposit or Payroll Deduction, will not be affected by the upgrade. They will continue as scheduled.

That depends. Member-to-Member transfers will still be available after the upgrade. However, if these transfers are connected to a member number that is being “collapsed,” they may need to be recreated to the “surviving” member number. Also, if you were using Member-to-Member transfers to move funds between two accounts that you have primary or joint ownership on, this will no longer be necessary as both accounts will appear within your Online Banking experience making transfers easy and seamless. Check out our video tutorial about transfers in the new system.

Yes! P2P transfers using PopMoney will still be available within Bill Pay. The upgrade should have no impact on PopMoney.


Since account numbers are not changing, your checks will continue to work as normal. You can use any remaining checks you have without needing to reorder. You can also write checks during the upgrade without worry.

Of course! You won’t lose any functionality with the new Online Banking. On the contrary, you will discover new handy features that didn’t exist in the old system. And finding check images in history will be even easier. Check out our video tutorial!


Your transaction history on all accounts will be immediately available in the new system (check out our video tutorial). You’ll be able to see up to 12 months of account history for Checking and Savings accounts. Other accounts, like Loans and IRAs will display history for the entire life of the account.

If you need additional history, give us a call and we’d be happy to retrieve that for you.